The Mental Health Hour Podcast is Back

Over the years Mental Health Hour has grown from a small group of mental health professionals chatting on Twitter into a large community of activists, advocates, professionals and experts engaging and sharing all things mental health.

Back in 2017 Mental Health Hour – The Podcast was born and garnered quite the following. Over time, things got busy and the podcast took a back-seat.

In November 2021 Mental Health Hour – The Podcast is back with a new look, new content, and new conversations with your hosts Caitriona Mc Mahon and Kayla Cooley!

The podcast series explores all things mental health from global news, research, expert conversations and deep-dives into different topics in the mental health sphere. You can listen to Mental Health Hour – The Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcast fill.

New episodes air weekly and conversations on topics explored take place over on Twitter using the hashtag #MentalHealthHour

If you have a topic you would like covered or know someone who would like to be a guest on the podcast get in touch with Mental Health Hour on Twitter.

Click the podcast image below to go to the podcast and listen now!

I’m listening to Mental Health Hour – The Podcast by @Kayla_cooley and @Caitriona_Mac with @MentalHealth_Hr


Published by Kayla Cooley

Postgraduate Research Fellow (MA) focusing on suicide. BA (Hons) in Social Care Work. Co-Founding Director of Community Crisis Response Team – A Non-Profit organization physically travelling to people in suicidal distress. QPR Suicide Intervention Instructor.

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