Online Study Skills Course

Where do I begin?

Knowing where to start when it comes to your study is difficult, especially if you’ve just started a new module, course or assignment. Our study skills course covers a wide range of topics and skills including:

  • Efficient information sourcing/literature search
  • Assignment and essay structure
  • Effective note taking
  • Time management
  • Study session planning

Learning in the technological age has its strengths and weaknesses. Technology can be distracting or enhancing depending on the skills you possess and we pride ourselves on giving students the tools to make technology work for them. We work to find the systems that yield the best results, some of these systems include:

  • Notion
  • Obsidian
  • Mendeley
  • Zotero
  • Pomodoro timers

Our study skills course is currently geared towards third-level students but exceptions can be made under certain circumstances. Places on each study skills course are limited to allow reasonable time for questions and answers. This course will run for 2.5 hours online via Zoom, the cost is €60.00 per person.

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