Time Blocking for Graduate Students: Why it’s Essential for Success

As a graduate student, your days are often filled with a never-ending list of tasks to complete. From coursework to research projects, it can be challenging to balance your time and stay focused. One technique that can help is time blocking, which involves setting aside specific blocks of time for different tasks. In this blogContinue reading “Time Blocking for Graduate Students: Why it’s Essential for Success”

Online Study Skills Course

Where do I begin? Knowing where to start when it comes to your study is difficult, especially if you’ve just started a new module, course or assignment. Our study skills course covers a wide range of topics and skills including: Learning in the technological age has its strengths and weaknesses. Technology can be distracting orContinue reading “Online Study Skills Course”

Creating a Productive Study Routine in 2022

The most efficient way to get a good jump on the new school term is to design a good study routine early. This will matter later in the year, when friends are running to the library for stressy study sessions, you’ll be revising old material and watching Netflix guilt-free.