Here’s what people who have worked with us are saying!

We booked suicide response training for our full bar team in February 2022 and could not have been more impressed by the training delivered by Kayla and Caitriona. We felt that as night time industry workers we had a heightened chance of encountering a situation that would require suicide response work and as part of our duty of care to our community we wanted to undergo professional training. We hoped to finish the day feeling better equipped to handle those situations in a confident, evidence based manner and Driving Change clearly exceeded those expectations. Kayla and Caitriona’s expert knowledge of the theory combined with their vast lived experience make them the perfect instructors for this work. While the training naturally dealt with many difficult topics, Driving Change delivered it in a professional, personable and empathetic manner. 

I firmly believe the world would be a safer place for all if more people undertook training like this and there’s no doubt in my mind that Driving Change are the perfect people to carry out that training. If you have any questions on the training or on working with Driving Change, feel free to reach out to me at any time.
Jono Crute
Crew Brewing Co.

S. Child Protection Officer
I can highly recommend this training. I learnt more in 5 hours than in 20 years of practice

S. Social Care Worker
I would highly recommend the suicide prevention training to everyone. The training is delivered by two incredible women, Caitriona & Kayla. It was a really enjoyable day and the time sure does fly.

P. Mental Health Trainer
I would totally recommend the Suicide Response training and QPR suicide prevention gatekeeper program with Caitriona and Kayla, suitable for all ages and backgrounds. It was very informative and you both held my interest throughout the day

J. Helping Professions
Highly recommend Driving Change’s Suicide Response Training. Delivered with humour, honesty and simplicity, whilst also engaging the participants. The course was very easy to listen to and interact with.

T. Education Facilitator
This training was professionally presented and explained brilliantly .
I hope to join on any further training course you may have in the future.

Social Care Worker
I could have easily listened to these trainers all day. So much valuable information and lots of discussions on important topics.